Metal spinning - our passion. Since 1950!

Metal spinning technology is actually the cleverest way of turning plane metal sheets - so-called rounds – made out of a whole range of metals – into deep rounded workpieces without any seams or doing any metal cutting. By the way, this was the method used by the ancient Romans beginning in 150 AD for the production of buckets*. Which they also exported!

Unlike the early days when work done by SCHNABEL required a large amount of manual effort - especially muscle power - and a great deal of instinct, the main skills we use today are outstanding technical know-how and excellent material skills. Strenuous manual work has evolved into a technically demanding intelligent process which enables us to produce larger and larger workpieces, from thicker and thicker materials, for an increasing range of applications. Thanks to their high dimensional and shape accuracy, especially in the case of funnels and conical parts, metal spinning continues to be the most economical form of production compared to deep drawing, when smaller batch numbers are involved.

And thanks to our many years of experience, and the dependable and faithful partnership with our customers, we are one of the best addresses in Europe for innovative solutions for every aspect of metal spinning technology.

*the Hemmoor buckets